Developing an entrepreneurial self-leadership and mindfulness-based course in international collaboration

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Bogdanova, O., Brusila-Meltovaara, K., Moder, S., Tenschert, J., Stojcic, N., & Vojvodic, K. (2022). Developing an entrepreneurial self-leadership and mindfulness-based course in international collaboration. Paper presented at the Cross-Cultural Business Conference, Steyr, Austria.

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Nascent entrepreneurs face ambiguous demands and unique challenges. They require novel and specific skills to address the continuously changing environment successfully. Mindfulness can serve as a means to enhance self-leadership skills, and thereafter, entrepreneurial skills. This study is occupied with the development of a training program manual designed to improve the entrepreneurial mindset and skills of high school and university students via the use of mindfulness-based self-leadership methods. The manual will be tested with the focus groups of enrolled students and pupils in Albania, Croatia, Finland, and Liechtenstein. Based on the results, a digital course will be constructed. The first module of the course covers self-awareness; the second module focuses on goal setting; and during the third module, a business plan is constructed. The third module also provides exercises to address obstacles such as intrusive thoughts or impedimental emotions. The fourth module teaches revision and reflection of accomplishments as well as forming habits to reach goals and implementing systems to manage tasks. The final module covers understanding others, their opinions, and different ways of thinking to empower students to build relationships and connections. Thus, a path from self-awareness to leadership is established. The training manual resulting from the project’s implementation will enable access to specialized education and knowledge to a wide audience.


Entrepreneurial Self-Leadership Education through Virtual Training
ERASMUS, September 2020 until August 2023

The spirit of entrepreneurship has been behind several European nations' economic surges during the previous two decades, with several individuals developing innovative solutions to emerging ... more ...


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