Architecture as mediator for the Creative Industries in Liechtenstein

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Kaps, V., Staub, P., Jochum-Gasser, R., & Martinez-Cavañate, C. (2014). Architecture as mediator for the Creative Industries in Liechtenstein. In A. Schramme, R. Kooyman & G. Hagoort (Eds.), Beyond frames. Dynamics between the creative industries, konwledge institutions and the urban context (pp. 178-182). Delft: Eburon Academic Press.

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This paper elaborates on the first scientific findings of the ongoing research project PARK (The potential of architectural production as added value to the Creative Industries in Liechtenstein), which investigates the potential architectural production provides for strengthening the Creative Industries within the Principality of Liechtenstein and its neighbouring regions. The project's aim is to develop strategies to achieve the goal set out by the government of Liechtenstein, which states that "Companies in the Creative Industries should be catalysts for culture and economy" (Kulturleitbild , 2011a, p.6). It is structured in three phases, each one with its own research sub-question: 1. What role does architectural production play within the creative industries? 2. How can a strong architectural production act as a catalyst for the creative industries? And finally 3. How can the strengthened Creative Industries transform the international perception and image of Liechtenstein? The paper focuses on the first phase of PARK. Mixed methods of research are applied: on the one hand there is a quantitative study about the current state of the Creative Industries in the Principality of Liechtenstein, summarized in the first Creative Industries Report, and on the other, qualitative approaches are used to explore mediation strategies which communicate this data to the public through events such as panel discussions, exhibitions and lectures. This paper provides insights between the dynamic relationship of architecture and other branches of the creative and cultural industries, using a small, international region as a case study.


The potential of architectural production to add value to Liechtenstein's creative industries (PARK)
FFF-Förderprojekt, June 2013 until September 2016 (finished)

The research project PARK defines "architectural production" as the art, science and practice of designing, mediating and constructing. The project focuses on the mediation of architecture. To ... more ...


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  • Institute of Architecture and Planning
  • Institute for Entrepreneurship
  • Architectural Design Theory

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