Entrepreneurship within the scope of urban development - dimensions, instruments and factors of success of municipal entrepreneurship in the context of urban development as an intersecting set of municipal and entrepreneurial action

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PhD-Thesis, since February 2017


Chair of Technology and Entrepreneurship

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Megatrends and societal developments, for example the further intensification of online consumption, do head to a dynamic adaption of requirements regarding the living environment and corporate locations. These tendencies significantly vary the basic parameters in cities and regions. Local urban development is meant to balance these changes by applying proactive and demand-oriented measures and strategies. Therefore to ensure a sustainable attractiveness and quality of life a innovative an efficient urban development is most relevant, also to identify future needs as well as locational advantages and to release relevant impulses to counteract existent tendencies like the death of inner cities.

The objective of this dissertation is to make the crucial need for an entrepreneurial orientation within the local urban development and furthermore it's practical additional benefit comprehensible. For this reason dimensions and present instruments of urban development are examined. Based on these findings in the next step this research thesis incorporates the development of relevant instruments for an efficient and demand-oriented urban development. Moreover the necessary link between science and practice leads to the purpose to identify future factors of success and to thereby enable a sustainable practical additional benefit.


Urban Design, Mediating variables, death of inner cities, Municipal entrepreneurship, Entrepreneurial action