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The University of Liechtenstein seeks to educate people of character who help to shape economic and social events in a sustainable and value-oriented way.



1. Starting Point

The University of Liechtenstein’s vision and mission statement declares: “We train highly qualified specialists for the country, for the region, and for international fields of activity. We are convinced that our graduates need not only analytical and creative skills, but also cognitive education and communication skills. Therefore we offer courses in the humanities and social sciences as an integral addition to the specialised studies, so that students can contribute their specialist knowledge into larger cultural and social contexts.” This is where the programme of “cross-faculty electives” (CFEs) comes in.

2. Contents and Programme

The programme, which covers the fields of humanities and cultural studies, offers a wide-ranging field of content pertaining to current university teaching, scientific discourses, and research trends. Consequently, it cultivates social competence. The offerings in this area cover specific competences that are not explicitly taught within the individual faculties and are aimed at the personal development of university graduates.

3. Interdisciplinary Work as a Didactic Strategy

The CFE offerings target interdisciplinary collaboration at the interfaces between architecture and the economic sciences. This collaboration is the foundation of the didactic concept.

The following teaching models dominate the focus:

  • Problem-Based Learning
  • Self-Organised Learning
  • Team Learning
  • Visible Learning
  • Base Camp Learning
  • Service Learning

4. Humanities and Cultural Studies

Subjects and Topics:

  • Arts and Performing Arts
  • Ethnology
  • History
  • Literature, Linguistics
  • Philosophy / Ethics
  • Politics
  • Sociology

5. Leadership and Communication

Subjects and Topics:

  • Communication / Intercultural Communication
  • Leadership and Communication
  • Media and Communication
  • Rhetoric / Presentation
  • Teamwork / Group Dynamics
  • Social Responsibility

6. Languages

Language courses offered (Levels see course descriptions): 

  • English
  • German for foreign speakers 
  • Spanish

7. Fact Sheet

 Supplementary electives as part of bachelor’s and master’s degree programmes


All information about the number of required CFEs you find in your curriculum/study plan. 


On most courses, the number of students admitted is limited, so as to make it possible for performance to be assessed on a process-related footing and based on regular active participation. Early registration is recommended.  

 Credits: 3 ECTS

Block week with workshops from 05 until 10 February 2024 

Seminars: mainly on Saturday during the semester as well as on Monday or Wednesday, 05.30 p.m. 

7. Registration

  • The registration for the cross faculty courses is possible from 08 until 28 January 2024, for language courses until 09 February 2024. 
  • Your registration is definite and binding. „First come, first served“.
  • Your registration cannot be changed after the deadline.
  • If the maximum number of participans is reached (25 or 40, languages 20) in seminares, no further person can attend the course. 
  • Attendance at seminars is at least 80%. 


Further information

Kirsten Steinhofer

Phone +423 265 11 38