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The bigger Picture

The University of Liechtenstein aims to educate personalities who will contribute to economic and social developments in a sustainable and value-oriented way.



The cross-faculty courses offered

  • communicate a wide range of general knowledge
  • encourage an understanding of the big picture
  • lead to reflectively and constructively critical actions in an everyday professional context.  


The courses are furthermore designed to place subject-related studies against a social, political, historical, philosophical and aesthetic background.
The students’ understanding of complex and contradictory circumstances and the dynamic interplay of factors will be strengthened as a result.



„It is extremely stimulating to discuss questions of religious sociology with students of the University of Liechtenstein. In this field, the principal challenge is to avoid getting stuck on the philosophical level with a discussion of whether religions are “true” or “false”. Sociology endeavours to describe religions from an agnostic perspective, and sees them as social phenomena. It consistently factors out the question of God’s existence, leaving that as a matter for philosophy and theology.“

Dr Francis Müller, sociologist, independent journalist and Editor in Chief of swissfutur – talking about his experience on the ‘Introduction to Religious Sociology’ course. Dr Müller teaches and researches at the Zurich University of the Arts (ZHdK), as well as lecturing at the Universidad Iberoamericana Cuidad de Mexico [Mexico City Ibero-American University] and the Humanities and Social Sciences department of the University of St. Gallen (HSG).



Three types of cross-faculty teaching courses are offered: 

  1. Knowledge of the humanities, of cultural history and the social sciences forms the basis for placing subject-related studies against a social, political, historical, philosophical and aesthetic background. 
  2. Thematically interdisciplinary focus areas constitute a platform for the discussion of futuristic issues with relevance to both faculties. These courses encourage the growth of knowledge in conjunction with students of different disciplines. Exchanges between the departments of Architecture and Economics are based on selected thematically relevant focus areas and interdisciplinary cooperation.
  3. The tools for knowledge workers make it easier to handle challenging situations and communicate effectively in a globalised and complex working environment.

The cross-departmental elective subjects offered by the university are open to all BSc and MSc students of both faculties.




Fact sheet

Supplementary electives as part of bachelor’s and master’s degree programmes

For bachelor’s degree students – 12 to 18 ECTS credits
For master’s degree students – 9 to 12 ECTS credits

On most courses, the number of students admitted is limited, so as to make it possible for performance to be assessed on a process-related footing and based on regular active participation. Early registration is recommended.  

Credits: depending on the elective, between 3 and 6 ECTS credits

Application deadline: 15 July

Language of instruction: predominantly english

Start of semester: the elective subjects are predominantly taught as part of the regular lecture cycle of a semester. 

Teaching format: predominantly as seminar




Admission is based on a process involving several phases. Only registered students of the University of Liechtenstein will be admitted.


Further informationen

Dr. Monika Litscher
Phone +423 265 11 75