Design Studios

The design studios offer students the opportunity to engage with the broad field of architecture on a variety of scales – applying a multitude of design and research methods, preparing them for the demands of the wide field of sustainable architecture and spatial planning and seeking to shape not only the leaders of a design process, but an architectural culture itself that can lead our society forward. Compulsory classes provide the necessary theoretical knowledge and tools to successfully implement culturally sustainable strategies in architecture and urban design. Together with a series of elective classes, they enable students to develop and strengthen their personal fields of interest. The programme aims to nurture talented students who are committed to pushing the boundaries of their knowledge in the extensive field of architectural design towards sustainability and critical thinking.


Each semester, students select one of the design studios on offer. While all the studios focus on developing socially responsible and culturally sustainable projects, their research and design approaches vary, depending on the scale and context of the tasks. This enables students to gain insight into a variety of methodologies in accordance with their architectural field of interest and prepares them for current and future challenges facing the architect and the environment.

Design proposals are developed in small groups and in close contact with professors and faculty staff, through weekly desk critiques, workshops, input lectures and design charrettes, culminating in public presentations and exhibitions.


Studio Prof. Anne Brandl

MA SS 19 Studio Brandl
MA WS 18-19 Studio Brandl
MA SS 18 Studio Brandl
MA WS17-18 Studio Brandl

Prof. Dr. sc. ETH Dipl.-Ing. Anne Brandl
DI Martin Mackowitz

Studio Anna Heringer

MA SS 19 Design Studio Heringer


Hon. Prof. UNESCO Anna Heringer
Bianca Böckle, MSc Arch

Studio Prof. Dietrich Schwarz

Durable appreciation of buildings and urban densification combined with infrastructural improvements define the basis for socio-cultural revaluation Phases of life, new models of living together Economic powerful regions: strong migration, integration, individualization > Ioneliness Economic week regions: emigration, loss of culture.

Efficient construction and maintenance guarantee the positive return of investment for architectural projects. A building that requires minimal operating energy is characterized by a well-balanced interaction between its skin, structure, building technology and service procedures.

Sustainable Design is hereby defined as the quest for an optimized energy balance throughout the entire lifecycle of a building. Beside heating and cooling demand, grey energy and recycling energy are considered as integral components of planning. The choice of materials is further affected by environmental impact and emotional phenomenology, which close the circle to cultural sustainability.

Studio Themes
Constructive Ornament
Precise construction leads to beautiful detailing. The phenomenology of the materials leads to sensual aspects of spaces. Focusing on the tectonic rules of the material, efficient and aesthetic buildings are developed beyond an understanding of architecture as decorative surfaces.

Multitasking 1 to 20/200/2000
Since the building envelope is one of the key issues, construction in scale 1/20 is not done at the end of the design process. Parallel to plans and sections, urban design and construction are developed over the whole semester. Still, scheduled periods help to focus.

Quality of Life
In the end architecture was invented to increase the quality of life. We wonder about true values and think about a paradigm shift from “more quality of life - more energy consumption” to “more quality of life - less resource consumption”

MA SS 19 Studio Schwarz
MA WS18-19 Studio Schwarz
MA SS18 Studio Schwarz
MA WS17-18 Studio Schwarz
MA SS17 Studio Schwarz
MA WS16-17 Studio Schwarz
MA SS16 Studio Schwarz
MA WS15-16 Studio Schwarz

Prof. Dipl. Arch. ETH Dietrich Schwarz
Andreas Lehner, MSc Arch

Studio Prof. Peter Staub

The design studio is at the heart of the programme. Over the course of a semester an architectural proposal is formulated. In this detailed investigation the design process is as important as the result. In workshops with experts from a variety of creative fields, as well as in one-to-one desk critiques and public events and exhibitions, a project is emerging. Both digital and analogue design- and manufacturing techniques, ranging from 2D to 4D are used to achieve innovative visual and spatial representations of theoretical positions, constantly challenging the norm and questioning the status quo.

MA WS18-19 Studio Staub
MA WS17-18 Studio Staub
MA WS16-17 Studio Staub

MA SS16 Studio Staub

MA WS15-16 Studio Staub

Prof. Peter Staub, Dipl. AA MSc LSE
Bianca Böckle, MSc Arch

Design Seminars

Each semester, design seminars re-offered on the topics of the design studios. These teaching format offers an opportunity to deal in a focused and in-depth manner with a specific issue, subject of research or object of analysis in a concentrated and limited time frame. As a matter of course, interdisciplinary and holistic thought and action are also part of the method of working in these teaching formats.

SS19 Design Seminar Brandl
SS19 Design Seminar Heringer
SS19 Design Seminar Schwarz

WS18-19 Design Seminar Brandl

WS18-19 Design Seminar Schwarz
WS18-19 Design Seminar Staub

SS18 Design-Seminar Hilti Igual
SS18 Design-Seminar Schwarz
SS18 Design-Seminar Brandl

WS17-18 Seminar Studio Staub
WS17-18 Seminar Studio Brandl
WS17-18 Seminar Studio Schwarz

SS17 Studio Schwarz Penzis Design-Seminar
SS17 Lutz Papathanasiou
SS17 Dworzak Mackowitz Design-Seminar

WS16-17 Seminar Dworzak Mackowitz

WS16-17 Seminar Staub Papathanasiou
WS16-17 Seminar Schwarz Penzis

SS16 Studio Droege Design-Seminar
SS16 Studio Schwarz Design-Seminar
SS16 Studio Staub Design-Seminar

WS15-16 Studio Staub Design Seminar
WS15-16 Studio Schwarz Design Seminar
WS15-16 Studio Clavuot Design Seminar



Studio Hugo Dworzak

MA SS17 Studio Dworzak (0.1 MB)
MA WS16-17 Studio Dworzak (0.2 MB)

Dipl.-Ing. Arch. Hugo Dworzak, MArch
DI Martin Mackowitz

Studio Hilti-Igual-Böckle

MA SS 18 Studio Hilti-Igual-Boeckle

Luis Hilti
Dipl. Arch. Matilde Igual Capdevila, MA
Bianca Böckle, MSc Arch

Studio Philip Lutz

Design-Studio_Lutz-Papathanasiou_SS17.pdf (0.2 MB)


Mag. arch. Philip Lutz
Dipl.-Arch. Georgia Papathanasiou
Dipl.-Ing. Arch. Julia Kick


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