Advanced Studio Craft (en)


Erasmus+ Programme Wood: Structure & Expression

University of Liechtenstein (LI), Academie van Bouwkunst, Amsterdam (NL), NTNU Trondheim (NO)


Our studio assignment will be to transform a former farmhouse in front of the old historic
Slot Schaesberg into a school of the crafts where old and new craftsmanship are
investigated and trained. Schaesberg Castle is located in Landgraaf in the south of the
Netherlands and has a rich history. The castle, surrounded by a unique park, is not only a
cultural-historical public attraction, but it is also an education and training centre for the
further development of practical craftsmanship techniques and will gradually be rebuilt and
restored in a historically and scientifically responsible way.
Against the backdrop of the discussion about sufficiency and regional creation of value, we
are interested in the tectonic characteristics of materials and their intrinsic suitability for
tectonic elements. The conception of a handcrafted wooden construction, which is
developed for the modern production techniques will form an alternative to the
standardized, industrially produced timber construction. Archaic and advanced techniques
are equally used to reinterpret the richness of traditional wood joints with today's
manufacturing techniques. Wood will be combined with brick and concrete, since these are
the materials of which the old castle is built. In addition to researching historical,
contemporary and anonymous architectures and their connections, we will gradually 
explore the interaction of building, location and structure and thereby develop the design
from the materials.

The excursion to Amsterdam (NL) and the build workshop on site of the Schaesberg Castle
(NL) are an integral part of the design studio and take place under the patronage of IBA
Parkstad (NL). We will experiment with mock-ups in scale 1:10 and with structural elements
in full scale for the expo pavilion for the Slotlab exposition for IBA Parkstad. The pavilion is
an experiment in making a temporary and removable wood structure. Starting point is the
shape of the pitched roof of the castle tower. The final design (shape, structure and joints)
will express an ambitious attitude towards the innovation of the craft. The excursion is
funded by the Erasmus+ program Wood: structure and expression.