Innovation through transfer

The University of Liechtenstein trusts in innovation, which is also represented through the concept of knowledge transfer. Academic research and its transfer into the practical realms of daily life, as well as a close focus on regional topics within a strong global network support societal and economic innovation for Liechtenstein. 

As a university, the objectives are to become the primary partner in the development of innovation, and to help shaping the future for the regional economy and local society in Liechtenstein. Therefore, the University of Liechtenstein shares its research and performance records of knowledge and technology transfer-oriented projects with local people and businesses.

Also, innovative forms of cooperation between the university, government, economy and society of Liechtenstein are fostered. These thriving personal and business relationships are characterized by consistent personal contact, direct and immediate access to local business partners, a drive for interpenetrative cooperation, as well as mutual trust and respect. These are ideal conditions for innovation.


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Report on the impact of the University of Liechtenstein on Liechtenstein and the region.

Selection of transfer projects

Transfer project

Information Systems: Competence Centers

Successful implementation of innovation and transformation

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Transfer project

Architecture: the municipality of Triesenberg

Analysis of the community development in Triesenberg and the developing strategy for the reconstruction of the local fire department building

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