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Administrative Department for Quality Development

Evaluation guidelines from winter semester 2018/19

  1. From winter semester 2018/19 the focus of the evaluation is no longer on the course but on lecturers and students.
  2. Each new lecturer at the University of Liechtenstein is evaluated. All other lecturers are evaluated at least once within 1.5 to 2 years.
  3. One week after the publication of the course catalogue from 15 June / 15 December, the lecturers are nominated on a rolling basis by quality development. Subsequently, within 10 days, the academic directors choose one course taught by the lecturer concerned on my.uni.li. Only one lecturer per course can be evaluated.
  4. Teaching assistants and visiting speakers are not evaluated (not even on a voluntary basis).
  5. An email with general information about the evaluation is sent to all lecturers one week before the semester starts. The nominated lecturers receive the access code for the students on my.uni.li.
  6. Voluntary nomination of lecturers by the academic directors or the lecturer himself is possible at any time. However, only one lecturer per course can be evaluated.
  7. The evaluation should be conducted towards the end of the course (second last course unit) so that the results can be discussed with the students in the last course unit.
  8. The evaluation is conducted with the attending students online (laptop/tablet/mobile phone) in the seminar room. Anonymity is guaranteed by the use of a code.
  9. Lecturers, module coordinators und academic directors have access to the results on my.uni.li after the end of the evaluation period. The results are not visible to students and other lecturers.
  10. The lecturers communicate the results to the students in the last course unit.
  11. The Curriculum Boards will evaluate the results and comments.