Professorship of Entrepreneurship and Leadership

The professorship of Entrepreneurship and Leadership deals with entrepreneurial thinking and action as well as employee leadership, both in theory and in practice. The focus is on the development of the entrepreneur, the manager and the leader, representing key constituents for successful corporate and employee leadership. Both entrepreneurship and effective leadership have in common that they are based on an active and dynamic personality.



Central questions examined at the professorship of Entrepreneurship and Leadership, at the interface between these two fields, lie in the areas of the entrepreneur, entrepreneurship, leadership, self-leadership, executive and employee development, personality development, organisational analysis and development as well as human resource management (personnel selection, assessment, remuneration and development).

The professorship pursues the following research- and practice-oriented focal points:

  • Development and training of entrepreneurs, managers and employees (motivation): self-leadership, self-efficacy and proactivity
  • Development and training of entrepreneurs, managers and employees (cognition and emotion): Entrepreneurial Alertness, Mindfulness, Opportunity Recognition, Analytical and Emotional Intelligence, Entrepreneurial Passion
  • Self-leadership and entrepreneurship: effective basis for (aspiring) entrepreneurs
  • Self-leadership and leadership: Self-leadership as an important basis for active and effective leadership
  • Self-leadership, to increase the effectiveness and performance of employees
  • Leader development programmes to promote creativity, innovation and excellence: Transformational leadership, empowering leadership and dynamic personnel management
  • Performance development of individuals, teams, organisations and societies to promote economic growth and prosperity