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Dr. MMag. Peter Volgger

Current Activity
Peter Volgger, born 1970, studied Philosophy-History, Architecture and Art History in Innsbruck. Since 2003 he works as a freelance architect; 2012 dissertation; he joined recently the Institute of Architectural Theory at Innsbruck University as a teacher and researcher and is currently lecturing and publishing. His research is focused on transurban phenomenas. He was invited at the renowned "Archtheo-Conference" in Istanbul to present his work. Peter Volgger works independently and collectively with the "Asmara-Arbate Group" on the preparation and developing of the UNESCO-World Heritage in Asmara/Eritrea.

Dissertation "Vu'cumprà - die Bewohner der transurbanen Archipele" at the Insitute of Architectural theory at Prof. Ir. Bart Lootsma with distinction


Exam Architecture in Venice und since then working as freelance architect and in various architectural offices (project management and competitions)

2000 — 2006

Study of Philosphy/History, Art History, Study of Architecture at LFU Innsbruck, all studies with distinction

1995 — 2009

Teaching-testing for German literature, Philosophy and History with max. points
Co-ordinator for didactics in South Tyrol/Italy

since 2014

Research projects and research conducted teachings

since 2013

Assisting in the construction of the "UNESCO-World Heritage Program" in Asmara/Eritrea

since 2009

Educational activities at LFU Innsbruck, since 2014 Associated Professor (qualification spot - habilitation)