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Prof. Dr. Marco De Marco

Current Activity
Marco De Marco is full professor of Organization and Information Systems at UNINETTUNO in Rome where he serves also as Dean of the Faculty of Economics.. Before embarking upon his academic career he worked as a research engineer and product planning manager in the aerospace (Boeing) and computer (IBM, GE, and Honeywell) industries. He is the author of four books and numerous essays and articles; mainly on the development of information systems, the impacts of technology on organizations and e-government. He is a member of the editorial board of several academic journals. Marco In 2008 and 2009, he was a Board committee member of the Association for Information Systems, representing Europe, Africa, and the Middle East. His main research interests have included information system development and performance measurement methodologies, while bank information systems and their specificities were a particular study and focus. At ICIS 2010 he was awarded the AIS Fellow prize for his contribution to the IS discipline. Marco is member of the College of Senior Scholars of the Association for Information Systems.
Managing enterprise content in business processes
PhD-Thesis, October 2008 until October 2011 (finished)

The dissertation explores contemporary issues that arise during the implementation of ECM. The dissertation is paper-based (PhD by publication), and each paper addresses a selected set of ECM issues. ... more ...

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