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Prof. Dr. Martin Kukuk

Impact of ESG pillars on investment decision: Evidence from applying conjoint analysis
PhD-Thesis, September 2019 until August 2023 (finished)

The paper aims to investigate investor's preferences with regard to environmental, social and governance (ESG) concerns. The sample is based on individual investors from China and United States of ... more ...

Sustainable Finance, Investors' Preferences and Shareholder Value
PhD-Thesis, February 2017 until August 2021 (finished)

The dissertation deals with the issue of sustainability in the area of finance focusing on investors' preferences and shareholder value. For the doctoral thesis, a cumulative approach is applied. The ... more ...

On the predictability of equity markets
PhD-Thesis, September 2009 until December 2013 (finished)

This dissertation aims to examine three core subjects within this framework: a) Reliability of qualitative predictions of professionals, b) a modified asset pricing model for prediction purposes, c) ... more ...

  • Kukuk, M. (2019). Statistik und Pferdewetten – Favoriten vs. Außenseiter. In W. Krämer & C. Weihs (Eds.), Faszination Statistik : Springer Spektrum.