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Start your studies relaxed: the best tips from students for the start of the semester

You hardly know your fellow students and what the Liechtensteiners mean by "Hoi" is a mystery to you? No problem: After the blog post Campus tour with the Unilicornhere are the best tips from Student Ambassadors for first-year students at the University of Liechtenstein - so that you have a great time on campus and enjoy everyday life at university right from the start.

Student Ambassadors are selected students from higher semesters. They are happy to help and advise you on campus. We asked them what new students should know at the beginning of the semester. Their addresses of leisure time tips for you, we have marked on the Google map "Ausgeh- und Freizeit-Tipps #unili" so that you can quickly find your way there.

Cooking makes friends

Leisure time tips by Gebhard, Blog Liechtenstein University

"The University of Liechtenstein is a small and personal university where you don't have to worry about making friends," promises Gebhard Natter. The enthusiastic sportsman is studying for a Master's degree in Architecture and knows: "In many subjects, you'll be divided into groups right at the beginning, and you'll get to know new people very quickly later in your studies."

Gebhard's recommendation for making new contacts: Host a few cooking evenings of your own in your  flat. "When you're studying, it's easy to forget about food, and restaurants in Liechtenstein are not cheap. What's more, it's incredible what specialties the students from all over the world come up with!"

To make sure that the number of new friends doesn't increase with the number of kilos, he recommends the beautiful volleyball court and sports park near the stadium in Vaduz.

The best start to the semester: "Talk to everyone, it's fun!"

Leisure time tips by Elza, Blog Liechtenstein University

Elza Cirule, Gebhard's fellow student in the Master Architecture, recommends approaching everyone openly from the beginning. "It helped me a lot to just talk to everyone already in the introduction week and thus find people with the same interests." Taking part in all the events offered during Welcome Week at the beginning of the semester from 1 September is a great idea. Because there, the architect and young entrepreneur from Latvia finds, everyone is relaxed and open to conversation. "Of course join sports clubs and other social clubs such as Erasmus Student Network for friends! Be open to all activities and everything is fun, believe me!!!"

When asked what you should know about starting your studies, Elza says from her own experience: the free supply of orange bicycles that are everywhere is handy for going out. But plan for a high cost of living, because Liechtenstein is expensive. And: "Bring winter clothes and hiking boots!" Elza's recommendations for first-year students are:

Outdoor: mountain hike to the “Drei Schwestern” mountain (only for experienced hikers!), swimming in the Walensee lake

Bar: Esquire (Vaduz) "for a fancy night"

Good and inexpensive food:  Vibes (Schaan) has good burgers and wraps, Kuro (Buchs) the best Asian food

Going out at the weekend: Rauch Club in Feldkirch - cheap and lots going on

"Be open!"

Student Ambassador Sarah Stötzner, Blog University of Liechtenstein

"Talk to people, even if it's easier said than done," Sarah Stötzner advises newcomers at the University of Liechtenstein. "What helped me was the maths revision. That way I got to know a few people even before the first lectures."

What the dedicated student in the business studies programme can recommend: Apply to a student initiative like START Vaduz while studying . "This is a good way to get to know people outside of your degree programme." Sarah also knows practical things to do to get started in the first semester: "If you like doing sports or going to the gym, sign up right away, there are student discounts! And open a Swiss or Liechtenstein bank account, so you can pay anywhere without those pesky fees."

Bar: Andy's Bunker (Schaan)

Good food: Lio (Schaan)

Leisure tip: Barbecue at one of the beautiful barbecue spots in Liechtenstein

Get new impressions: "Come to the Spinnerei events"

Theresa Huillebrand, student ambassador

Theresa Hillebrand is also involved in START Vaduz, the largest student entrepreneurship initiative in Liechtenstein. The student in the Master's programme Entrepreneurship und Management recommends one of the numerous student initiatives on campus to quickly make connections.

"In the first week, the Welcome Week, there are great events that are usually organized by the student office "Spinnerei". You meet new people and learn more about Liechtenstein, which is really great. For those of you who understand German, don't despair if you don't understand the Liechtenstein dialect, you get used to it much faster than you think!"

For Theresa's outdoor recommendation, you definitely need to have a head for heights: a hike over the Fürstensteig far above the university. You can see Liechtenstein and the campus, the Swiss and Austrian Alps and Lake Constance from far above.

Going out at the weekend:"The shopping street in Buchs is always busy, whether it's a shisha bar, pub or café, there's something for everyone there."

For sporty types: "Hiking or skiing in Malbun, it's also super cheap with the student ticket."

"Don't get stressed out"

Patricia Feuerstein, Student Ambassador

Patricia Feuerstein is completely relaxed about starting her studies on campus. "I can only give everyone the tip not to get stressed at all at the beginning, because you will receive all the necessary information during Welcome Week starting on 1 September at the University of Liechtenstein."

Only when it comes to registering for electives should first-year students be quick, recommends the Master's student in Entrepreneurship and Management. "When we registered for the first lectures during Welcome Week, many places for the free electives were already gone. So it's best to register before the semester starts!"


Meeting students from all over the world

The start at the University of Liechtenstein is particularly exciting for international students from all over the world. They always find an open ear at the International Office on campus for all their questions and concerns.

"Everyone is friendly and helpful"

https://www.uni.li/en/university/services/international, Student Ambassador

"You are now studying in one of the safest countries in the world. You can forget to lock your front door or your bike here. Nothing happens, because people are very friendly and helpful," says Szamil Marcin Jachimczyk, describing the quiet and peaceful life in Liechtenstein. "What always goes down well: when you leave, don't forget to greet everyone with "hoi"! That's how the locals say 'hello'. Almost everyone here understands English. But knowing some German definitely helps."

The student in the Master's programme in Architecture initially attended as many Welcome Week events as possible. "Also make a visit to the student dormitory near the university, you'll meet people from all over the world there and there's always something going on."

He recommends looking for accommodation as early as possible, because flats for students are scarce. "My tip on housing: Gabriela Cortés at the University of Liechtenstein helps students find suitable accommodation in Liechtenstein or in the region.

Best bar:  Bunt Bar (Feldkirch) "always very well attended"

Good and cheap food: Schattenburg in Feldkirch "with a great view of the city, the Wiener Schnitzel is huge"

Excursions: "With an "Ostwind" day pass for only CHF 20, you can get to know all of Liechtenstein and neighbouring Switzerland by bus and train. Thanks to this card, I fell in love with Grisons."

"The "Spinnerei" brings it"

Lemuul Dav Nathoo, Stuudent Ambassador

"If you are new to campus, you need to get in touch with the student office "Spinnerei" as soon as possible," recommends Leemul Dev Natho from the Master's programme in Architecture. "The office helps with all questions, organizes sports events, yoga classes and other events on campus. It's a big help if you want to meet other students."

There's also a Unicommunity Whatsapp group, you can get the QR code at the Spinnerei.

Best bar:  Ushuaia Shisha Lounge in Buchs

Leisure tip:  Grossabünt open-air swimming pool (Gamprin)


We start together on campus: Welcome

Everyone on campus strives to make your start to your successful studies in Liechtenstein as pleasant as possible. That's why we will provide you with all the relevant information about your studies, the lectures and life in Liechtenstein during the Welcome Week.

Here you can find the Welcome Week programme

Answers to frequently asked questions about housing and residence, insurance, starting your studies, travel, mobility, orientation, studying, financing your studies and working in Liechtenstein

Unicommunity - the online portal for students at the University of Liechtenstein: all events, jobs, career services and university sports at a glance.

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Download the current Regio-Booklet with all information about campus life, the region, bus and train, cultural life and nightlife


All leisure time tips of the Student Ambassadors (and a few more) to click on




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Authors: The Student AmbassadorsGebhard Natter, Elza Cirule, Sarah Stötzner, Patrizia Feuerstein, Theresa Hillebrand, Leemul Dev Nathoo and Szamil Marcin Jachimczyk as well as Gernot Bilz (Communication and Marketing, University of Liechtenstein)


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