Entrepreneurial Self-Leadership Education through Virtual Training

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ERASMUS, September 2020 until August 2023


Chair of Entrepreneurship and Leadership

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The spirit of entrepreneurship has been behind several European nations' economic surges during the previous two decades, with several individuals developing innovative solutions to emerging problems. Inspiring entrepreneurship among the youth is becoming an essential component of several nations that have made it part of their growth plan. The ERASMUS project's objective is to inspire and develop entrepreneurial skills among high school and university students by teaching them mindfulness-based self-leadership skills. The University of Liechtenstein will undertake the project with considerable input from its partner institutions across Albania, Finland, and Croatia. The participating establishments will be tasked with developing, implementing, and testing the training program. The initial phase will involve developing a course manual that will outline the foundation of the theoretical concepts and the methods outlined in rolling out practical exercises among the students. The manual will then be applied to develop an online video course that will engage the students through a multisensory approach. All the partner organizations will then conduct an assessment of their students to determine their entrepreneurship proficiency and the extent to which they have acquired other complementing skills. The project is innovative, given that it is one of the few projects aimed at enhancing students' entrepreneurial mindset by integrating mindfulness, social skills, and self-leadership. As observed over time, entrepreneurship has resulted in advancements across various industries. Not all the advancements have been positive, with individuals and the environment being affected on a significant scale. Cultivating entrepreneurship facilitated through mindfulness-based self-leaderhsip among the younger generation will present a wealth of benefits to them while further influencing their communities. Integrating mindfulness and self-leadership will ensure that their businesses are sustainable for the future. This is because mindfulness alters the manner in which students attend to their surroundings while self-leadership will encourage them to face the pressing challenges of society.

Principal Investigator


  • Bogdanova, O., Brusila-Meltovaara, K., Moder, S., Tenschert, J., Stojcic, N., & Vojvodic, K. (2022). Developing an entrepreneurial self-leadership and mindfulness-based course in international collaboration. Paper presented at the Cross-Cultural Business Conference, Steyr, Austria.