Transport Aspects of Local and Regional Energy Autonomy

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Neumann, H.-M., Genske, D., & Droege, P. (2011). Transport Aspects of Local and Regional Energy Autonomy. International Journal for Traffic and Transport Engineering, 1(3), 187-195.

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Article in Scientific Journal


A growing number of regional and local communities in Europe aim towards �energy autonomy�. These communities try to cover their energy demand for electricity, heating and cooling to 100 % by renewable energies from local and regional sources. Is this approach also useful and viable for transport? Should the European institutions support such strategies? In this paper we will present and discuss modelling results for Liechtenstein as well as provide an overview of ongoing research project focusing on the cross-border region around Lake Constance.


BAER - Bodensee/Lake Constance-Alpine Rhine Valley Energy- and Climate Region
IBH-Förderprojekt, October 2009 until June 2013 (finished)

BAER is a multi-university research project in the fields of autonomic self-supply with renewable energies, sustainable urban design and decrease of regional climate- and enery risks, financed by ... more ...

Renewable Liechtenstein
FFF-Förderprojekt, September 2009 until January 2012 (finished)

Das Projekt soll die Machbarkeit eines international ausgerichteten Forschungsprojektes in einer Vorstudie prüfen, in dem die Voraussetzungen und Rahmenbedingungen für eine nachhaltige und ... more ...