Short-term mindfulness meditation training improves antecendes of opportunity recognition

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Moder, S., Jehle, E., Furtner, M., & Kraus, S. (2023). Short-term mindfulness meditation training improves antecendes of opportunity recognition. Journal of Business Venturing Insights, e00381. (ABDC_2022: A; ABS_2021: 2)

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Entrepreneurial venture creation hinges on opportunity recognition, which is enabled by malleable cognitive characteristics such as alertness, creativity, and entrepreneurial self-efficacy. Meditation presents a promising strategy for cultivating these antecedents. In two studies, we examined the immediate effects of meditation on the antecedents of opportunity recognition. In Study 1, a 12-min guided meditation was administered to nascent entrepreneurs in a pre-post within-subjects experimental design. In Study 2, a 15-min breath counting task was used to assess how variations in accuracy and breathing rate shaped differences in outcomes. We found that the intervention in Study 1 had a small effect on alertness (d = 0.44), a medium effect on creativity (d = 0.79), and a large effect on entrepreneurial self-efficacy (d = 0.93). Study 2 revealed a more nuanced relationship, whereby faster breathing rates predicted greater counting accuracy and alertness; in contrast, slower breathing rates and more frequent mind-wandering predicted greater uniqueness in the generated ideas. These findings suggest that meditation is useful for nascent entrepreneurs to prime their minds for successful opportunity recognition. The improvement in creativity may not solely be due to meditative practice itself but rather to the periods of mind-wandering that occur during the practice.


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