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Text Analytics in Customer Relationship Management

New Approaches to Analysing Customer Feedback

Hilti Corporation has to cope with several thousand customer feedbacks every week, each of which has to be documented and evaluated in tedious manual work. To find a solution to this problem, Hilti’s global IT department and the Competence Center Big Data Analytics together explored new approaches to analysing large volumes of unstructured texts. With the help of new methods for automatic big data analysis, which were tailored to meet Hilti’s requirements, these large data volumes can now be analysed in very short time and with much more accuracy. Furthermore, scientific design principles were developed as to how decision support systems should be designed in order to make text-analysis results efficiently available to Hilti’s analysts. The results of the project were evaluated in several workshops attended by both Hilti IT managers located in the company’s headquarters in Schaan and Hilti business managers from the marketing organisation in Germany.