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Enterprise Resource Planning

The Backbone of a Company’s Business Processes

Research and teaching in the area of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) focus on the development, implementation, and application of ERP systems. Members of the Institute of Information Systems not only study the application of conventional ERP components, but particularly focus on the dissemination of knowledge and skills related to new technologies such as cloud computing, service-oriented architectures, software-as-a-service, or enterprise application integration. The service-oriented architecture paradigm is expected to bring forth a new generation of application systems. While previous systems were operated as self-contained systems of individual vendors, service-oriented architectures allow for the integration of application functionality from different – internal or external – sources and, as such, for better alignment with specific business requirements. To foster knowledge transfer, research results in this area are made available to the regional industry in transfer projects. In addition, several lectures and seminars at the University of Liechtenstein, for example, in the Bachelor's programme in Business Administration and in the Master's programme in Information Systems, focus on enterprise systems in general and ERP systems in particular.