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Innovative «Augmented Reality» solution for healthcare

Master students of the study programme Information Systems win the local qualifying round of the Accenture Campus Innovation Challenge 2018 at the University of Liechtenstein with their project «Augmented Tumor Cure». On June 22, the students will present their project again to experts at the regional final of Switzerland in Zurich.

The topic of this year's Accenture Campus Innovation Challenge, in which Markus Beller, Sanni Mattila, Katharina Schwartz and Elison Vrioni participated as part of the lecture «Innovation Lab II», is «Greater than reality - how will Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) change our lives? ». The challenge was to find a practical problem and develop an innovative solution using AR or VR technologies. The winning team decided to go into the healthcare sector as there is great potential for the use of AR. Especially in radiology as an interface in hospitals, high costs can be saved and patients’ recovery chances can be improved by process and information flow optimization.

Their solution visualizes MRI pictures into 3D models for cancer centers. In combination with artificial intelligence, image recognition supports medical personnel in tumor detection. The 3D models are used in tumor board meetings and form a consistent information basis for the diagnosis and treatment process of the individual patient. The visualization in AR enables efficient (remote) communication of the specialists in tumor board meetings. In addition, AR glasses display all relevant information to medical personnel, similar to a cockpit. Their solution reduces the time of diagnosis-making and improves the quality of patient treatment. Furthermore, the data can be used for research purposes as well as training.

«Our team spent a lot of time for the business case development. In addition to expert interviews, we visited a medical fair in Nuremberg, to challenge the case. We are happy that the effort was worthwhile and that we won the pre-selection at the University of Liechtenstein», says Katharina Schwartz, student in the master’s programme Information Systems and part of the winning team.

The Accenture Campus Innovation Challenge is a competition, where the renowned consulting company asks student teams from Germany, Austria and Switzerland in cooperation with their universities to work on a case study and present the results in a multilevel competition. From idea finding to prototypical implementation to presenting in front of a top-class jury, the teams run through all phases of a project.