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Master students win again in world’s biggest SAP conference for developers

Victory in SAP #DemoJam in Barcelona

After the student group from Liechtenstein successfully prevailed against 15 developer teams in the pre-competition SAP #InnoJam, the master students of the study programme Information Systems of the University of Liechtenstein also landed the big coup in the SAP #DemoJam. Yesterday evening the team presented their demo “UniBuddy“, a mobile application on the basis of SAP, which helps students to adapt into social and academic university communities, in front of 8‘000 spectators at the world’s leading SAP conference TechEd in Barcelona and was selected out of six finalists as the well-deserved winner.

From 8 to 10 November 2016, SAP TechEd has been offering more than 1‘000 hours of training in technology for the standard business management software SAP, some involving in-memory computing and enterprise mobility, along with hands-on workshops and Q&A sessions. The delegation of the University of Liechtenstein, existing of students from the master programme Information Systems led by Prof. Dr. Jan vom Brocke, Hilti Chair of Business Process Management and accompanied by Dr. Bernd Schenk, Executive Director of the programme, was invited by the SAP University Alliance to take part in the world’s biggest conference for SAP developers and designers in Barcelona.

Winners of the innovation competition SAP #InnoJam

At the start of the conference, the winning team had the chance of showing what they could do at the SAP #InnoJam. The students were able to prevail against 15 teams of experienced software developers from all over the world in a competitive selection process and were nominated for the final at the SAP #DemoJam as one of the six best teams. Thereby, the master students repeated the success of their student colleagues from last year. The young programmers have developed a demo called “UniBuddy”, a mobile application on the basis of SAP, which helps students to adapt into social and academic university communities, in a 36-hour coding challenge. The presentation of the Liechtenstein student group, consisting of Iliyan Iliev, Yanitsa Kircheva, Gaëtan Magal, Carolina Martinez and Roberts Zentelis, clinched a place out of six in the SAP #DemoJam final.

Presentation to 8‘000 visitors  at SAP TechEd

With this, the student team of the master programme Information Systems got the chance to present their solution in front of 8‘000 spectators at the SAP conference TechEd within the SAP #DemoJam in Barcelona. In the finals, the University of Liechtenstein team “Univation“ only had six minutes to present the idea they had developed in competition with the other groups, but it was enough. After an exciting voting, the Liechtenstein team – one of the few that consisted only of students – came out on top.

‘The invitation, and the success of our students at the SAP TechEd, is a big tribute to the high quality of teaching in the Information Systems faculty of the University of Liechtenstein,’ said a satisfied Dr. Bernd Schenk, lecturer at the Hilti Chair of Business Process Management.

Developing expertise already while studying

Skills in standard business management software programs – ERP systems, as they are also known – are of major importance for students. Such systems serve for the control of business processes in the fields of procurement, production and sales, as well as in cross-departmental functions like accounting, HR and management, and they are used in a great many different application areas. The university’s close partnership with SAP under the auspices of the SAP University Alliance makes it possible for students to develop a knowledge of SAP while they are still studying, and so increase their market value. Companies benefit from university leavers who do not just develop these abilities on the job, but have been able to deal with business challenges directly while availing themselves of the relevant software.

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