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On the way to the final

Master students of the study programme Information Systems won with their project “Smart Waste Management“ the local competition of the Accenture Campus Innovation Challenge 2016.

The team “Promena“, existing of master students of the study programme Information Systems, convinced with their project “Smart Waste Management“ in the qualifying round at the University of Liechtenstein at this year’s Accenture Campus Innovation Challenge 2016 and prevailed against eight other competitors. Lora Delieva, Johannes Heinzelmann, Christian Holder, Michael Kamm, Ruanda Qamili and Sina Reubelt will get the opportunity to compete with the best groups of Swiss universities in the regional final on June 15, 2016 at the Accenture office in Zurich.

The Accenture Campus Innovation Challenge is a cross-university and transnational case study competition of the well-known consulting company, where top students from Germany, Austria and Switzerland compete against each other. This year the topic of the challenge is “Industrial-Internet-of-Things (IIoT)“. The Industrial Internet of Things is a network of physical objects, systems, platforms and applications, which contain embedded technology to communicate with each other and exchange information amongst themselves, with the environment and humans. Currently, the Industrial Internet of Things is one of the most important drivers of innovation for the economy and industry. Therefore, industrial companies focus increasingly on the implementation of innovative IIoT solutions, for example to increase efficiency in their operating business, open new business areas or distinguish themselves from competitors.

Within this case study competition the students contribute with their solution concepts to the creation of new ideas and approaches. Just like the winner team of the University of Liechtenstein, who convinced the expert jury with their project “Smart Waste Management“, an innovative solution to optimize waste disposal. The jury members Jörgen Swensån, Solution Architect at Accenture, Dr. Theresa Schmiedel, Assistant Professor, and Roope Jaakonmäki, Research Assistant / PhD Student, both at the Hilti Chair of Business Process Management of the University of Liechtenstein, were highly impressed by the solution of the students: “The waste level can easily be transferred to central waste sites using sensors in waste bins to therefore optimize the routes of the waste disposal, which could lead to enormous time and cost savings“, explains Dr. Schmiedel. Additionally, the project received already considerable attention at Liechtenstein’s waste management authorities, who functioned as best practice example and interview partner for the project. Should the students win against the projects of the other universities in Zurich, they could participate in the grande finale on July 4, 2016 in Frankfurt – we can get excited!