BPM and Innovation

Academic and Practical Insights

The increasing use of IT changes whole industry sectors, both at the global and regional levels, which is often referred to as "digital innovation and transformation." Against this background, the Institute of Information Systems closely collaborates with the regional industry in the area of business process management. Prof. Dr. Jan vom Brocke and Dr. Theresa Schmiedel organised a conference on the topic at the University of Liechtenstein in 2014. Apart from leading academics, over 60 representatives from the regional industry, government, and public administration joined the venue.

Driving_Innovation.jpgIn addition, a book was recently published: Business Process Management – Driving Innovation in a Digital World. It covers contributions of 35 authors from 10 countries, who provide specific insights how digital innovation and transformation can be realised successfully. The book is directed towards practitioners and academics and was released in the Springer series “Management for Professionals.” In particular, the book discusses how BPM needs to be further developed to successfully act as a driver for innovation in a digital world.