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Project based learning!

One of the things that makes studying architecture at the University of Liechtenstein special is that students STUDY AND RESEARCH in SMALL PROJECT STUDIOS with a 1:11 lecturer to student ratio.

Working in small groups allows you to go into great depth in understanding fundamental building technology, contemporary architectural issues and broader cultural topics based on PROJECT BASED LEARNING.

We bring in experts form other professional or academic fields to encourage projects that are INTER-DISCIPLINARY.

Instead of working for a short period of time on one topic, PROJECT BASED LEARNING allows you to go in depth in multiple fields which leads to a very comprehensive result.

Besides being provided with the fundamental architectural working kit in the BASIC STUDIOS, advanced students can set their focus by choosing the design studio project according to their interest in the ADVANCED STUDIO.

With Social commitment our students learn to design and build with social, ecological, economic and cultural responsibility as well as entrepreneurial thinking – WE START UP ARCHITECTS!

Due to our context, the Alpine Rhine Valley where both tradition and innovation are the basis for this region, our focus lies on three core themes for teaching and research: CRAFT, LANDSCAPE and UPCYCLING.



Great achievements

Many of our students, alumni and lecturers have been awarded renowned prizes for their achievements - a selection can be found under the following link.

During a process lasting several years, the Institute of Architecture and Planning underwent an examination by the renowned British accreditation agency RIBA (Royal Institute of British Architects). The Institute of Architecture and Planning is the first and only institution worldwide to receive RIBA accreditation for all programme levels (BSc, MSc and PhD).

Prof. Peter Staub, Head of Institute and Full Professor of Architectural Design and Theory, explains: «There is not only a benefit for the university from this accreditation, but also for the students. It gives them great advantages when entering the labour market in Europe and even worldwide.»

International exchange

The Institute of Architecture and Planning at the University of Liechtenstein is a truly international place of study. There are about 70 architecture master students from 30 different countries currently studying with us. We have a strong international network with over 35 partner universities and are part of a worldwide community for mobility and internship programmes. Studying/working abroad are very valuable experiences to take advantage of during yourstudies or professional life.

The International Office is happy to help you in making your dream come true.
Information on exchange semester and internships: