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Liechtenstein Business School

The Liechtenstein Business School (LBS), represented by the Dean Prof. Dr. Marco M. Menichetti, stands as the largest school at the University of Liechtenstein and forms an educational hub with a regional and international focus. Our mission as the Liechtenstein Business School is to enhance the competitiveness of Liechtenstein as a business location by providing forward-looking and impactful research, education and knowledge transfer in the fields (departments) of Finance & EconomicsEntrepreneurship & Management and Information Systems & Computer Science.



We prepare our students to take on leading roles in government and society, politics and business, as well as culture and academia, by supporting talented, motivated and independent young people in their personal growth. We educate highly qualified professionals to the benefit of Liechtenstein, the surrounding region and the international sphere.

In research, we concentrate on selected priority areas, which comprise topics of international interest and regional significance. Our research results achieve great international recognition. The mutual transfer of knowledge between research and practice sharpens Liechtenstein’s competitive edge as a hub for business, academia and culture.



The Liechtenstein Business School is headed by a team of dean and vice dean, as well as an academic board responsible for strategic decisions, promotion and development of new research fields, and the management of our various study programs. Our relationships with regional and international associations, chambers, and experts ensure that our curricula are in sync with current trends and demands, allowing us to comprehensively address contemporary matters in our research and teaching.


The Liechtenstein Business School, with its team of experienced professors and academic staff, cultivates a dynamic learning environment that encourages young and ambitious people to develop personally and professionally. To strengthen the international focus of our education, some of our programs are partly/entirely taught in English and thus also attract international students, nurturing the local job market with talents from outside the region. Our school aims to generate considerable value for Liechtenstein and the wider Rhine Valley region by nurturing talents and preparing them to assume leading roles in the government, society, politics, and businesses. The fruitful interplay between research and practice cultivated at LBS sharpens Liechtenstein’s competitive edge, helping it emerge as a thriving hub for business, academia, and culture.


The Liechtenstein Business School thrives due to its dedicated faculty and vibrant student community. Comprising 11 professorial positions supplemented by approximately 26 postdoctoral and research assistant roles, our faculty brings together a wealth of expertise and a shared commitment to excellence in teaching and research. This allows us the opportunity to maintain a very strong student-teacher ratio, with around 480 students enriching our consecutive programs and an additional 30 learners engaged in our continuing education programs (MBA). This blend of experienced educators and ambitious learners fosters an inspiring learning environment that is crucial to the ongoing success of the Liechtenstein Business School.

Educational Portfolio

Our educational portfolio includes consecutive educational programs, such as a bachelor program in Business Administration, three master programs in Innovative Finance, Entrepreneurship and Management, and Information Systems aimed at providing students with a comprehensive foundation at different stages in their academic journey. The continuing education at the LBS is equally dynamic, with offerings such as an innovative MBA in Technology & Innovation or several additional executive education formats such as Certificates in Blockchain and Fintech, Sustainable Finance and Digital Business Leadership, which underscore LBS's commitment to staying ahead of industry trends. Additionally, our highly successful PhD program in Business Economics with specializations in International Financial Services, Economics, Entrepreneurship and Management as well as Information Systems not only provides an added qualification but also shapes highly qualified individuals who are sought after in universities and businesses across the globe.


Our research is centered on key areas of international interest and regional significance, including finance, economics, entrepreneurship, management, information systems, information technology, and innovation. The findings, disseminated through publications and conferences, not only contribute to the international discourse in these fields but also shape our teaching and continuing education programs. Consequently, we ensure that a pool of advanced know-how is available to the businesses, public sector, and academic institutions in Liechtenstein and beyond.

International Partnerships

Given Liechtenstein's small size, we leverage our international partnerships by participating in the European Union's Erasmus program, and our regional collaborations with prominent Liechtenstein companies like Hilti AG, Bank Frick or Liechtensteinische Landesbank (LLB) as well as industry associations (such as from the banking/finance and manufacturing sector). Our programs are thus infused with practical, international, and regional knowledge, offering our students a unique blend of academic rigor and real-world insights as well as a diverse international exposure. This network also allows students to gain invaluable real-world insights and opens up pathways for future employment.


We are in the process of compiling a strategy of sustainable development and education for the Liechtenstein Business School, according to the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDG).

In sum, the Liechtenstein Business School is a dynamic institution, creating an interface between academic knowledge and industry insights, contributing to the advancement of Liechtenstein as a thriving hub for business, academia, and culture.