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Dipl.-Arch. ETH/SIA Michael Wagner

Current Activity
Michael Wagner is a practising architect and urbanist. He has been working in several architecture and urban design offices before he co-founded Wagner Vanzella Architects, an office for architecture and urban design based in Zurich. He is also a lecturer and researcher at the Institute for urban design of the ETH Zurich, where he leads the research platform 'Kulturlandschaft' at the chair of Prof. Kees Christiaanse.
Besides the challenges of regenerative urban design based on renewable energies, his fields of interest include land use negotiation processes and their results on spatial and urban design as well as the creation of synergies by coordinating issues of sustainability, infrastructure, energy production and landscape with the development of medium dense urban territories.

Diploma in Architecture at the ETH Zurich, Switzerland

1998 — 2004

Architectural studies at the ETH Zurich, Switzerland


University entrance qualification, Hochrheingymnasium Waldshut-Tiengen

since 2013

Lecturer at the Institute for urban design, ETH Zurich, Switzerland

since 2012

Leader research group "Kulturlandschaft", Prof. K. Christiaanse, ETH Zurich, Switzerland

since 2010

Co-owner Wagner Vanzella Architects, Zurich, Switzerland

since 2010

Scientific assistant at the chair of Prof. K. Christiaanse, ETH Zurich, Switzerland

2007 — 2010

Project leader at Baumann Roserens Architects, Zurich, Switzerland

2005 — 2007

Project architect at Gigon / Guyer Architects, Zurich, Switzerland

WTT, September 2017 until January 2018 (finished)

Die Gemeinde Lichtensteig will sich im Rahmen ihrer Strategie "Mini.Stadt 2025" für ihre zukünftige Entwicklung vor allem auf ihre vorhandenen Potenziale besinnen: einmalige Architektur, breites ... more ...