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Dipl. Ing. Robert Mair

Senior Lecturer
Sustainable Design
Current Activity
DI Robert Mair teaches and researches as a senior lecturer for architecture at the University of Liechten-stein. With the Basic Studio CRAFT, he is the team leader of a design studio that is dedicated to sustaina-ble building with a focus on craft. He is also a member of the jury for Constructive Alps - the architecture prize for sustainable renovation and building in the Alps, for which he was appointed by the Office for the Environment in 2009. The research focus is on low-tech buildings. Besides, he runs a design studio for timber construction at the FHGR in Chur and is a member of an advisory board for building culture.
2003 — 2005

Technical University Graz, Diploma at Prof. Daniele Marques

2001 — 2002

TU Delft Faculty of Architecture, The Netzerlands

1998 — 2001

Technical University Graz

1992 — 1997

College for Construction HTL, Linz

since 2023

Senior Lecturer for "History and Theory of Construc-tion", LSA Liechtenstein School of Architecture

since 2021

Leading Basic Studio Craft (with Martin Mackowitz, Wolfgang Schwarzmann, since WS22 with Livia Herle)

since 2018

Lecturer at University of Applied Sciences in Grison, Design Studio for Timber Construction

since 2016

Senior Lecturer for Design and Construction,
Institute of Architecture and Planning, University of Liechtenstein

2011 — 2016

Lecturer for Construction, Institute of Architecture and Planning, Hochschule Liechtenstein

2009 — 2012

Lecturer for Tectonics, Institute of Architecture and Planning, Hochschule Liechtenstein

2008 — 2016

Teaching Assistance Sustainable Design, Prof. Die-trich Schwarz, since 2011 Guest Prof. Conradin Cla-vuot, Institute of Architecture and Planning, Hochschule Liechtenstein

2006 — 2008

Project Architect at Hohensinn Architektur ZT GmbH, Graz


Mitarbeit im Büro DI Arch. R. Heyszl, Graz

2005 — 2006

Employee at Wissouning Architects, Graz

Visiting Academic
2002 — 2003

Employee at WEST 8 Landscape & Urbanism, Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Low-Tech Gebäude (ABH020)
Interreg-Projekt, December 2015 until November 2020

In den vergangenen Jahren wurden die gesetzlichen Anforderungen an die energetische Bauqualität in allen Ländern erhöht. Dies führte bei Neubauten generell zu geringeren Wärmeübertragungen an der ... more ...