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Architekt Alberto Alessi

Senior Lecturer
Built Heritage & Upcycling

Study of Theory of Architecture at the Ecole d'Architecture Paris Villemin


Further education at the ETH Zurich

1983 — 1989

Study of Architecture and Diploma at the Politecnico die Milano

since 2014

Editor of the architecture magazine viceversa

since 2013

National Selector of the International Piranesi Award

since 2009

University lecturer for architectural history, theory and design at the University of Liechtenstein

since 2009

Member of the Advisory Board of the international event Challenge Future

2009 — 2016

Visiting Professor of Design at the Faculty of Architecture of the Univer-sity of Ferrara

since 2008

Founder and director of the architecture magazine materialegno

2008 — 2013

Curator of the platform www.italian-architects.com

since 2007

Dozent für Architekturgeschichte und Theorie an der HSLU Luzern

2007 — 2020

Curator of the architecture events of the trade association pro-mo_legno / proHolz


Visiting Critic for Theory of Architecture and for Design at the Cornell University Ithaca

since 2003

Own architecture studio in Zurich

2002 — 2004

Curator at the gallery AAM - Architettura Arte Moderna, Milan

1999 — 2003

Editor of the architecture magazine Il Progetto

1998 — 2005

Assistant at the ETH Zürich and at the Accademia di Architettura di Mendrisio.

1995 — 2003

Own architecture studio in Rome

1994 — 2005

Lecturer in design, IED European Institute of Design Rome


Winner of the international Joseph Binder Design Award

2010 — 2012

Member of the Scientific Board of the SAM Swiss Architecture Museum

2002 — 2004

Member of the Departmental Committee of the ETH Zurich - Depart-ment of Architecture

2001 — 2003

Member of the Teaching Committee of ETH Zurich - Department of Architecture

2000 — 2001

Founding member of the international architecture prize Borromini Rome


Founding member of the IsAM Institute for Mediterranean Architec-ture


EWASTE. Burden and Treasure.
Curator of Liechtenstein's official contribution to the 18th Mostra In-ternazionale di Architettura della Biennale di Venezia


This Could Be
Curator of the official contribution of Liechtenstein to the 17th Mostra Internazionale di Architettura della Biennale di Venezia


Grand Tour der Mönche. Design of the exhibition, San Giorgio Maggio-re, Venice


Grand Tour der Mönche. Design of the exhibition, St. Gallen Stiftsarchiv


Italy now? Country_Positions in Architecture. Curator of the exhibition at ETH Zurich


Architetture di Passaggio. Sguardi sull'architettura dal Ticino
Curator and designer of the travelling exhibition ISR Rome, CCS, Milan, Collateral Event at the 10th Mostra Internazionale di Architettura della Biennale di Venezia


Spaziarte. Curator of the international dialogue series. MAXXI Rome


Italy now? Country_Positions in Architecture. Curator of the exhibition at Cornell University Ithaca NY


Building Identities? Architecture, City, Music, Language in the National Imaginaries of Europe. Curator

2002 — 2003

MittelArchitetture. Kurator der internationalen Dialogreihe zwischen Österreich und Italien. Istituto Austriaco di Cultura, Rom


Transalpinarchitettura. Exhibition AAM Architettura Arte Moderna Rome


american architecture@the edge, curator of the exhibition, American Accademy Rome and UCLA Los Angeles

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