Mindfulness in Organizations

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Type and Duration

PhD-Thesis, since February 2020


Chair of Entrepreneurship and Leadership

Main Research

Growth and Complexity

Field of Research

Entrepreneurial Learning, Teamlearning


The increasing complexity of modern workplaces calls for the examination of implementable means for employees to manage their profession in a way that facilitates both their performance and their well-being. Excessive workplace demands can lead to exhaustion and burnout; in turn, workplaces can provide job resources that assist in goal achievement, facilitate engagement, and mitigate exhaustion. Yet, while different individuals can interpret the same circumstances in different ways, the mechanisms through which employees' individual differences in personal resources shape the way they perceive, affect, and are affected by their workplace's characteristics have remained elusive.
This doctoral research pursues twofold aims: first, to identify workplace-related personal resources that are malleable through mindfulness training; second, to elucidate the mechanisms through which they promote or obstruct performance and well-being. It encompasses the implementation of experimental studies to assess the mechanisms, scope, and magnitude of effects occasioned by mindfulness training on employees' accumulation of personal resources, perceptions of workplace characteristics, and experiences of burnout, engagement, and well-being. Its results will guide the development of workplace interventions that enable employees to thrive both professionally and personally.

Reference to Liechtenstein

Im Rahmen des Projekts werden die Auswirkungen von Achtsamkeitspraxis auf Arbeitnehmende und Führungskräfte erforscht. Das kann grundsätzlich auch für Personen in Liechtenstein interessant sein, aber einen direkten Bezug zum Land, hat es nicht.


Leadership, Mindfulness, Personality


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