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Dr. Patrick Liborius

Research Assistant / Postdoc
Chair of Entrepreneurship and Leadership
Schedule for WS 20/21
Affect and Leadership: Exploring the emotional antecedents of leader behavior and the subsequent emotions and behavior of followers
FFF-Förderprojekt, May 2021 until April 2023

Emotions are deeply entangled within the leadership process. The deeper we understand these processes the more we can understand, predict and change behavior for the good of all involved individuals ... more ...

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  • Bellhäuser, H., Mattes, B., & Liborius, P. (2019). Daily Fluctuations in Motivation - A Longitudinal Diary Study Over an Entire Semester at University. Zeitschrift für Entwicklungspsychologie und Pädagogische Psychologie, 51(4), 228-242.

  • Liborius, P. (2017). What does leaders' character add to transformational leadership? The Journal of Psychology, 151(3).

  • Liborius, P. (2014). Who Is Worthy of Being Followed? The Impact of Leaders’ Character and the Moderating Role of Followers’ Personality. The Journal of Psychology: Interdisciplinary and Applied, 148(3).