Design Science Research Academy

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Projektart und Laufzeit

ERASMUS, März 2023 bis Februar 2025


Liechtenstein Business School




Students and doctoral candidates in Information Systems (IS) are repeatedly confronted with the task of implementing theoretical concepts in practice and evaluating them with users dur-ing their studies or doctoral work. In doing so, they often lack the methodological skill set. This is exactly where Design Science Research (DSR) provides support. DSR offers an important paradigm for conducting applicable and rigorous research about real-world design problems. DSR aims to generate prescriptive knowledge about the design of IS artifacts, such as soft-ware, methods, models, or concepts. DSR is a promising methodology that intends to gener-ate knowledge on the design of innovative solutions to real-world problems. As such, DSR is specifically useful in contributing to the solution of societally and practically relevant challeng-es. At the same time, matured methodological foundations are available today, specifically supporting publishing DSR research both at conferences and top-tier journals. DSR has be-come a permanent teaching component in many undergraduate and Ph.D. programs. The va-riety of materials, courses, and papers make it difficult to select high-quality materials. In addi-tion, there is the challenge of implementing these materials practically and in relation to one's own project. Thus, there is a lack of a uniform concept and a DSR curriculum. This is where we want to start with our project and create a well-thought-out DSR curriculum in the form of a "DSR Academy". This project aims to address these challenges by proposing to build the DSR Academy that will provide high-quality course materials for DSR. The DSR Academy will consist of several modules consisting of three components: (1) interviews with iconic authors from DSR, (2) interactive learning videos for self-assessment, and (3) hands-on DSR projects that enable the transfer of acquired knowledge into practice. Thus, the DSR Academy can be easily integrated into face-to-face classes and represents a unique knowledge collection to accumu-late knowledge around DSR and design knowledge generated in DSR projects and make it ac-cessible to others.