Für Gaststudierende

Für ein erfolgreiches Studium ist es unerlässlich, sich optimal auf die Studien- und Lebenssituation vorzubereiten. Internationalen Studierenden bieten wir daher auf unserer Homepage aktuelle Informationen zur Bewerbung an der Universität Liechtenstein sowie zu den wichtigsten organisatorischen Aspekten während des Aufenthaltes in Liechtenstein.

An der Universität Liechtenstein sind Studierende aus aller Welt eingeschrieben. Dazu gehören sowohl Vollzeitstudierende, die einen Abschluss anstreben als auch Gaststudierende, die für ein oder zwei Semester nach Liechtenstein kommen.

“University of Liechtenstein is a place where I experienced a new type of education.The small amount of students and the impressive commitment of the university’s team provide a special atmosphere, where the process of gaining knowledge becomes easier and more efficient. I appreciate being known by all the people and I get support from all sides - teachers and students. What makes my studies even more interesting is the open workspace in the Department of Architecture, where I spend most of my time. It is a place where I feel safe and creative, a perfect environment for project- and teamwork together with my colleagues!”

Paulina Frankowska, Poland 



«Studying in Liechtenstein was a life changing experience for me. Suddenly, I found myself in a completely different environment and in just a short while I fell in love with this place. During my exchange semester I studied urban architecture and sustainable design. I gained valuable experience on this programme, and not least because of this I won the first prize in an international architecture competition in 2016. The University of Liechtenstein provided a perfect work environment. Located in the heart of Europe it was also great to have so many interesting places within reach. It is very hard to say which moment was the best because there were so many of them!»

Giorgi Vardanashvili, Georgia