Mystery Shopping in Private Banking (Austria)

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Projektart und Laufzeit

WTT, September 2006 bis März 2007 (abgeschlossen)


Lehrstuhl für Betriebswirtschaftslehre, Bank- und Finanzmanagement


Wealth Management


Banking and Finance


The aim of this project is to determine the quality of customer service and to identify the areas that require improvement. To be more specific, we assess the administrative functions and interpersonal skills of bank employees. We evaluate sales effectiveness of platform and relationship managers by analyzing whether the bank staff is listening to its customers, how friendly they are, the time to spend in order to receive a solution as well as the quality of the solution. Using different mystery shopping techniques such as face-to-face, telephone, postal, internet and video assessments, we get a comprehensive picture of the quality of the banks' customer service. After evaluating the customer service and performance of bank employees, a report is submitted and presented to the client.