The Strategic Communication Process

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internes Projekt, seit Januar 2009


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Internationales und strategisches Management


A strong body of literature emphasizes the importance of communication for organizational change and development. In particular, to successfully cope with an increasingly fast changing business environment, a systematic internal communication process is needed in order that companies are able to develop effective strategies, make the right decisions and implement them efficiently. However, by now, there are hardly any integrated studies available that deal with the optimal configuration of this strategic communication process at the organizational level. Given this gap, this study seeks to provide empirical evidence. Therefore, a comprehensive literature review is carried out to identify the key communication aspects within the two processes of strategy development and implementation. At the same time, corresponding hypotheses are formulated about these factors being positively related to the quality of strategic decisions, the quality of implementation, and ultimately the long-term performance of the company. Next, these hypotheses will be tested empirically in business reality by applying a PLS path modeling research design. Finally, concrete recommendations will be given for both business reality and further scientific research.


Organisationsentwicklung, Strategisches Management

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