Transformation Lochau

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Projektart und Laufzeit

Februar 2017 bis August 2017 (abgeschlossen)


Institut für Architektur und Raumentwicklung


Nachhaltiges Planen und Bauen


Nachhaltige Raumentwicklung


The municipality of Lochau is the northern suburb of the regional capital Bregenz and has manyfold relationships with her. From a topographic point of view, Lochau enjoys the same outstanding situation as does the City of Bregenz: The view goes over the Lake of Con-stance in the southwest, it´s area goes up to the top of the mountain in the East.
Lochau is located within international transit routes, from here You can get to Innsbruck, Zurich and Munich in two hours, either on railway or by motorway. Nevertheless these transit routes impair the local atmosphere with their impermeability and their emissions.
Against this background the community is confronted with the question, in which direction it should command the evolution of its built environment and open spaces, especially that of its downtown area.
The design studio will be divided in two parts, research and design. Through the semester we will research the municipal district of Lochau and its surroundings with main aim to in-vestigate further potentials of the area. The second part of the studio we will build spatial narratives based on real facts for the area of Lochau.
The studio will collaborate with key figures from the area and it will integrate experts from the field of urban design and architecture.


Städtebau, Siedlung und Verkehr, Stadtentwicklung, Zukunft, Zukunftsstudie




  • Gemeinde Lochau