The Evolution of SAP Services

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Müller, O., vom Brocke, J., von Alm, T., & Uhl, A. (2012). The Evolution of SAP Services. 360° - The Business Transformation Journal, 1(3), 48-56.


Beitrag in wissenschaftlicher Fachzeitschrift


The software industry has changed significantly over the last two decades. Especially in the enterprise software market, the role of software-related services is becoming more and more important. In this case study we investigate how SAP Services, the services arm of SAP, senses and reacts to changing customer needs and reinvents the market for software-related services. A radical overhaul of SAP`s service portfolio and new service delivery models are at the heart of the current transformation initiative. From a change management perspective, the proactive involvement of key customers and employees from the field proved to be important enablers for change. Yet, the company also faced some challenges, such as changing its consulting culture and convincing key business partners to follow the new strategy.



  • Institut für Wirtschaftsinformatik
  • Hilti Lehrstuhl für Business Process Management