New Schools of Thought - Augmenting the field of architectural education

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V. Kaps & P. Staub (Eds.). (2018). New Schools of Thought - Augmenting the field of architectural education. Zürich: Triest Verlag.


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Since the late 20th century, architectural training and education in Europe has changed significantly due to factors such as political regulations, increasing internationalisation, social and climatic transformation processes and rapid digitalisation. While schools of architecture are concentrating on how to gain a better strategic position in that environment it became apparent that truly innovative models in architectural education come from outside higher education. Schools working with children and youths, from research consortia of universities, offices and industry within the building industry, public platforms of exchange lead by example when it comes to thinking and acting beyond the restrictions of academia. In this publication 18 cases, of which four are portrayed in detail, highlight the potential of augmenting the field of architectural education.


New Schools of Thought (NeST) - Architectural education in times of homogenisation
FFF-Förderprojekt, März 2015 bis Mai 2017 (abgeschlossen)

Das Forschungsprojekt NeST untersucht Tendenzen im Kontext der Europäischen Architekturausbildung. Es definiert eine neue Denkschule als eine Ansammlung von Ideen und Meinungen über neue Methoden zur ... mehr