Managing industrial service innovations - a detailed process framework

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Mahnke, T., Esser, L., & Brecht, L. (2016). Managing industrial service innovations - a detailed process framework. Paper presented at the The XXVII ISPIM Innovation Conference, Porto, Portugal.


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Many business-to-business companies are shifting their offering from products to product-related services or solutions. The underlying rationale is to achieve a sustainable differentiation in their market segments and to increase profitability. Managing industrial services is a key challenge for these companies. Our research focusses on developing a detailed process framework for service product management. The approach is based on the findings of current literature that were integrated by conducting a meta-analysis on process-related success factors for industrial services. Seventeen (service) product managers from leading German B2B companies evaluated the framework. We distinguish between strategic and operational processes. For the latter we provide detailed process descriptions (objectives, responsibilities, inputs, outputs, methods and templates). Therefore, our approach enables companies to successfully manage their industrial services over their whole lifecycle from ideation to phase out.



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