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From Local IT Needs to Global Process Transformation: Hilti's Customer Service Program


vom Brocke, J., Schmiedel, T., Simons, A., Schmid, A., Petry, M., & Baeck, C. (2016). From Local IT Needs to Global Process Transformation: Hilti's Customer Service Program. Business Process Management Journal, 22(3), 594-613. (ABDC: B; ABS: 2; VHB: C)


Artikel in wissenschaftlicher Zeitschrift


Purpose – The purpose of this paper is to summarize an information technology (IT) initiative at Hilti Corporation that began with a local IT need and ended with the global transformation of the company’s customer service processes and infrastructures. The authors highlight 12 lessons learned from the transformation, which Hilti referred to as the Global Contact Center (GCC) program. Design/methodology/approach – The authors analyze Hilti’s GCC program based on first-hand experience. Hilti applied an innovative, wave-like implementation approach that facilitated a fast roll-out, fostered peer-to-peer knowledge transfer, and helped to overcome reluctance to change. Findings – The analysis of Hilti’s approach to its new customer service management reveals a number of simple, yet, critical lessons learned regarding leveraging IT-driven business value through global process transformation. Research limitations/implications – The case report can help researchers to further theorize about IT-enabled process transformation. The GCC program resulted in significant improvements in the performance and quality of customer service processes and enabled transparent reporting and performance measurement on a global scale. Practical implications – Overall, the GCC case provides an illustrative example of successful process transformation at the global level that also demonstrates implementation challenges. As such, the case report can help practitioners in planning and executing similar projects toward customer service excellence. Originality/value – Hilti’s GCC case not only provides fresh insights into a successful process transformation. As it focusses on customer service, it also concerns an application area that has received little in the way of attention from process transformation research.



  • Institut für Wirtschaftsinformatik
  • Hilti Lehrstuhl für Business Process Management

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