Getting closer

3rd Blog: by Yeon Su Park - Saturday, 14 January 2023, 11:47 AM
Countries have very different geographical features, languages, and ethnicities. And those traits make cultural differences. South Korea and Liechtenstein have very different characteristics. Therefore, culture is also very different. I think it is quite exciting to understand other countries culture. Also, I think you can't feel these cultural differences unless you live there yourself. So, I was very excited when I first came to Liechtenstein. Since Liechtenstein is located in the center of Europe and is close to many countries, I thought I can experience many cultures.

Also, there are many students from other countries at the University of Liechtenstein. I thought it was very good to experience the culture of another country.

When I first arrived in Liechtenstein, I had a hard time finding the way to dorm because my phone connection didn't work well. However, everyone kindly helped me. Thanks to their help, I was able to safely arrive at the dormitory. At that time, I thought the people of Liechtenstein were very kind. Also, the residents of Vaduz are all very friendly. Residents of Vaduz greet each other kindly when they meet on the street. Also, they show a bright smile along with greetings. This culture even makes me feel better. Also, it gives me the feeling that I am a member of this country. Conversely, in Korea, people did not greet each other when they met on the street. And they all look tired. The city feels very desolate. In Korea, in the past, people used to be friendly and exchange greetings with residents. However, now it's very awkward and they don't even say hello. That's why I feel like a stranger rather than a neighbor. So, I like Liechtenstein's greeting culture.

When I first came to Liechtenstein, I was surprised by the different greeting culture from Korea. However, now I have fallen in love with Liechtenstein's greeting culture. Even after going back to Korea, I think I will miss Liechtenstein's greeting culture.

At first, it was difficult to confidently greet the neighbors. However, now I am used to the culture enough to say hello first. Even sometimes I am using ‘hoi’. I was able to say hello with confidence, and I felt better after saying hello.

When I first came to Europe, I was also worried about racism. However, I did not feel racial discrimination in here and was very happy. I think the biggest factor that made me happy is the greeting culture.

Another cultural difference was felt during class. In Korea, professors don't ask students many questions. Also, students do not ask questions. However, here, students freely ask questions and discuss with the professor during class. In Korea, when I have a question, I often solve it myself or ask my friends. Also, do not dispute the professor's opinion. In Korea, I worry that the class will be extended because of the question and other students will not like it, and I also think it is rude to refute the professor's opinion. But here, everything is free. So, I can obtained more accurate information. Also, I can freely share my thoughts.

When I first came to the University of Liechtenstein and took classes, I was a little afraid that the professor would ask me questions. It was because I was afraid to speak in front of other students. Also, I could not speak English well. However, now I can freely express my opinions. Since I came to the University of Liechtenstein and asked a lot of questions and answered a lot, I gained a lot of confidence.

There are so many cultural differences with Korea.  While living in Liechtenstein, I learned about the cultural differences of various countries. Because of this, now that time has passed, I have become more confident and positive than before.