3rd Blog: by Giulia Stallwanger - Sunday, 15 January 2023, 6:16 PM
As I thought about what was unfamiliar to me, I didn’t find an answer at first. Things are different but not that much that I had to work to cope with them. Cultural practice, institution, people, … were new but not really unfamiliar. That's what I thought in the first place. 

There is one big thing, which was different - and still is to me. 

It is the calmness. This silence has many aspects. It is not only the silence that you experience when you leave the house, but also the silence in the people and the actions. Since Vaduz is not a big city and consists only of single-family houses, it is logical that noise is kept within limits and there is not much hustle and bustle. The proximity to nature reinforces this perception even more, because there you naturally experience a lot of peace and quiet. What amazed me was the quietness in the university and in the dormitory. Small classes, one-on-one conversations, quiet workplaces and usually enough space to work quietly. No group work and no parties in the university. Quietness in the dormitory, so no parties that get out of hand, because after 10 pm it has to be quiet, otherwise the neighbors complain. No noise in the hallway and in the kitchen, thicker walls and a mostly closed room door. This may sound strange, but these are experiences that were very different in the dormitory in Munich. Also different was that there was very little action in the community in the dormitory in Liechtenstein, which is why often there was just nothing going on and it was just quiet. In my opinion, that is a quietness that is exuded by the students, as many have told me that that is exactly why they are here. That was very unusual for me and I was amazed to hear that. 

How did the unfamiliar become the familiar? That's a good question. I think it was just a matter of getting used to it and it also really took a lot of time. Even now, I wouldn't really say that I got used to it. I've accepted it and have tried to let the silence affect me as well. I found out that it was good for me in some places. But I've also found that I just don't like calmness. I like hustle and bustle, lots of action, and loudness. I think it is very good that this quiet place is the perfect place for those who are looking for exactly that what they can find there. These people would simply perish in a big city. Of course, I appreciate the nature and open space here and could enjoy the peace and quiet there as well. 

I try to carry the calm I experienced here with me and fall back on it in stressful moments. As a conclusion, I would say that it was interesting to get to know silence this way and make it familiar to me.