Very many things are different from Korea

1st Blog: by Yeon Su Park - Monday, 24 October 2022, 4:49 PM

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When I first came to Liechtenstein, I was surprised about kindness of the people.
I was amazed by the different greeting culture in Liechtenstein. In Korea, we don't say hello to people on the street. But, in Liechtenstein when we meet someone on the street, say hell or hoi. I think this is very different culture from korea. At the first time when someone said hello to me on the street, I was very embarrassed. So, I can’t said hello to him. However, when I later found out that greeting on the street was a culture I also accepted. And I also said hello. Even now Sometimes I said hello first. Saying hello on the street gives me warmth and a sense of belonging to this society. So I really like this culture.
And Liechtenstein also have another different greeting culture. In korea when we meet older person than we should bow. But, in here we say hello to any age. In the dorm when I met my friend eva's mother I bowed and said hello.
The greeting culture was very awkward for me. But now I adapted this culture.
And also I like this culture so much.
Another difference from Korea that I experienced in Liechtenstein is food culture. In Korea we eat rice everyday, every meal. But, in the dorm other students are rarely eat rice. This is very surprised to me. Because rice is very delicious.
However, coming here, I experienced a lot of delicious food other than rice.
My roommate eva made to me a lot of German food. Also, thanks to my friendly dorm friends, I can try a lot of new foods and new things.
The other thing that I felt was very different from Korea is a culture of eating out and delivery. When I came to Liechtenstein, I cooked and ate everything except once. Eating out is easy in Korea. Also, you can eat a lot of food at a much cheaper price than in Liechtenstein. In addition, delivery is very fast and convenient in Korea. We can even order delivery food at dawn. When I lived in Korea, I can eat the food quickly and easily what I wanted. For example, if you want to eat pizza, you can order a delicious pizza through the app. And the pizza is delivered to your home in 30 minutes. But restaurants in Liechtenstein are very expensive, so I have no choice but to make them. It's a little bit disappointed, but it's a great opportunity to improve my cooking skills. So, now I became a chef who can make delicious pasta and pizza. Also, this is a very valuable opportunity for me.
The difference, other than that the food is expensive, is that the restaurant also charges for water. When you go to a restaurant in Korea, you can drink water for free. And even you can drink as much water as you want.
It's a pity that water is expensive, but preparing water in advance can have a good impact on the environment. Water is cheap in Korea, it is easy to buy water.
However, it is not good for the environment because it uses a lot of plastic bottles.
So, I think this kind of culture is good culture.
When I first came to Liechtenstein, it was difficult to adapt to the different cultures. However, now I have adapted to the culture and I even like this cultures. Sometimes I miss Korean food and culture, but I am very satisfied with life in Liechtenstein