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Prof. Dr.-Ing. Dieter D. Genske
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Prof. Dr.-Ing. Dieter D. Genske
Current Activity
After his PhD, Dr. Genske started working on engineering and einvironmental problems, first as a Humboldt Research Fellow in Kyoto, Japan, then as a project manager at Deutsche Montan Technologie DMT, where he became involved in major urban remediation projects, including the International Building Exhibition IBA Emscher Park and the new Parliament Quarter in Berlin. During this time he also carried out the visualisation project Graf Moltke (Ruhr District), in close co-operation with the Academy of Media Arts in Cologne. Dieter D. Genske taught at a number of universities including the TU Delft, the Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne EPFL, and the ETH Zurich. In addition, he has conducted a number of development projects in lon-income countries, especially in Africa and Eastern Europe. Universities in Germany, Switzerland, South Africa and Japan invited him as guest professor. Since 2000, Dieter Genske is focussing on associating space resources with renewable energies . In this context, he has conducted research and development projects on the introduction of renewable energies and the reduction of greenhouse gases for the Bundesland thuringia, the German Government, the European Uniion (EFRE, INTERREG), the International Building Exhibition IBA Hamburg, the Canton of Basel-City (2000-Watt-Society), the Principality of Liechtenstein and the City of Villach (Austria). At the moment he is involved in the International Building Exhibition IBA Thuringia and the Bodensee/Lake Constance-Alpine Rhine Valley Energy- and Climate Region BAER. Dr. Genske iholds a professorial appointment at Nordhausen UNiversity of Applied Sciences and teaches as guest professor at the University of Liechtenstein

since 2009
Guest Professor at the University of Liechtenstein, Institute of Architecture and Planning
2006 - 2009
Guest Professor at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology ETH Zurich, Department of Environmental Sciences/Natural and Social Science Interface/Institute of Envirnmental Decisions - Head of the research group "Anthroposphere Dynamics
since 2004
Visiting Professor at Nordhausen University of Applied Sciences Germany (2007 "Small Excellence Award" of the Stifterverband für die Deutsche Wissenschaft and of the Heinz-Nixdorf-Foundation)
since 2001
Chairman of the Network Einvironmental Geo-Sciences EGS Switzerland
1997 - 2000
Chair of Environmental Engineering at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology ETH Lausanne, Switzerland
1997 - 2000
Director of the 1st Laboratory of Ecotechnics and Sanitary Engineering EGS in Switzerland
1997 - 2000
Director of the European postgraduate programme Ingenierie et Management del'Environment (engineering and management of the environment) and the programme Auditeur Environnemental (ISO 14001)
1994 - 1997
Full Professor of Engineering Geology at TU Delft, Netherlands
1994 - 1997
Adjunct Professor at the International Institute for Aerospace Survey and Earth Science ITC Enschede/Delft, Niederlande
1994 - 1997
Member of the Scientific Council of the ITC
1994 - 1997
Director of the Department of Resource Technology and Engineering Geology at the TU Delft, Netherlands
since 1990
Project Manager at the Institute of Soil- and Water Protection, Deutsche Montan Technologie DMT Essen, Germany
PhD (magna cum laude)
MSc in Geology
MSc in Civil Engineering
a one-year study at the University of Kansas, Lawrence Campus, (USA)
1974 - 1980
Studies of civil engineering and geology at Bergische Universität Wuppertal (Germany and TH Aachen (Germany)
born in Leverkusen, Germany
Award for excellent third-party-funds contribution by the FH Nordhausen
Award and Support of the New Learning Technology Project of the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (Swiss Virtual Campus)
1989 - 1990
Fellow of the Alexander von Humboldt-Foundation at Kyoto University Japan (1-year programme in co-operation with Japan Society for the Promotion of Science JSPS Tokyo)