5411480: C19 Emerging IT Topics

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Semester:WS 22/23
Lektionen / Semester:30.0 L / 22.5 h
Selbststudium:67.5 h



Masterstudium Wirtschaftsinformatik (01.09.2019)



Emerging IT Topics addresses recent technological trends and developments in research and business, so its content can be adapted quickly to the job market’s emerging needs. Accordingly, the course content changes from
semester to semester.


After successful completion of the course, students will:

Professional competence

  • have profound knowledge of current topics and recent technologies in IT
  • be able to assess the usefulness and potential applications of emerging IT technologies
  • be current on recent scientific results on emerging IT topics
  • understand latest trends, opportunities, risks, and also regulations
  • be familiar with and understand the key principles of emerging IT topics

Methodological competence
  • understand theories and models in the field of innovation and technology diffusion
  • know different tools, which help to plan and integrate emerging IT topics in organisations
  • be able to identify potentials for improvement in organisations through the use of the applications and methods discussed
  • apply the methods dealt with in the lecture to solve exercises

Social competence
  • develop their social skills in solving small exercises and adapt these skills to optimise teamwork
  • listen carefully to the lecturer and their fellow students and actively participate in the lecture
  • support each other in lectures and self-study and help each other with questions

Personal competence
  • tolerate the opinions of other students, even if they contradict the own understanding
  • independently and reliably take care of practicing the lecture contents (especially exercise sheets, slides and study of the provided literature)

Technological competence
  • be familiar with latest technologies in various IT areas
  • can apply advanced web search to find and analyse trending IT topics



  • The course involves interactive lectures that integrate theoretical knowledge with analysis skills.
  • Contemporary scientific publications from the fields of Information Systems and Management are discussed in class.


  • Students are provided with the lecture slides and supplementary material (e.g., selected journal articles).


Presentation (50%), written exam (50%), attendance is mandatory (80%)


  • PWW-MA_Emerging IT Topics SE (WS 22/23, bewertet)