After-Work Lecture: Active Share Ownership: A Duty for Institutional Investors

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Prof. Dr. Marco J. Menichetti
Dr. Dominique Biedermann


10.05.2012 17:30 - 19:00


Over the past few years, the financial community has become aware of a profound change in the share ownership structure of listed companies, namely the gradual shift towards institutional investors. Institutional investors have a fiduciary responsibility towards their principals they represent, meaning they have the duty to actively exercise all their rights of economic value.
Active share ownership refers to exercising shareholder voting rights at the annual meeting and engaging in constructive dialogues with the company’s management. The objective is to urge companies to practice good governance as well as environmental and social responsibility. If the dialogue does not bear fruit, the shareholders can submit resolutions on the agenda of general meetings and collaborate with other shareholders to better defend their points of view.


Professionals from Corporations, Banks, Asset and Investment Management Companies, Insurance Companies, Financial Advisory Services, Tax Administration, Lawyers, Trustees, Fund Managers and Financial Auditors. Graduate and undergraduate students with interest in investments and finance.


Prof. Dr. Marco J. Menichetti




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