45th After-Work Lecture: Sustainable Investing with Passive Solutions: Returns with Impact

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Dominik Blunschi


16.05.2019 17:30 - 19:00


Sustainable investing (SI) has evolved. No longer just a "nice-to-have" for policy makers, regulators and investors, SI is now high on the agenda, and investors are looking for ways to incorporate sustainability and responsible investing into their portfolios.

Today, whatever an investor's specific SI requirements might be, a broad range of approaches exist, which vary greatly in their sophistication. They encompass relatively simple exclusionary offerings, through products which integrate material ESG factors within the research process, to sustainability-focused strategies which look to address a specific theme, such as gender or water scarcity, and ultimately, sophisticated impact-driven solutions which carry an explicit intention to generate a measurable social and environmental impact alongside financial return. That proliferation is reflected in both active and passive strategies, with particularly strong growth witnessed in the passive and ETF space. In Europe alone, there has been an almost 50% increase every year over the past five years in assets under management measured against indices constructed around ESG factors.

The presentation examines the evolution of ESG investing in the passive space, with a particular focus on the development of SI indices and benchmarks.


Professionals from Corporations, Banks, Asset and Investment Management Companies, Insurance Companies, Financial Advisory Services, Tax Administration, Lawyers, Trustees, Fund Managers and Financial Auditors. Graduate and undergraduate students with interest in investments and finance.


Dr. Lars Kaiser




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