Lecture 2 on sustainability: Sustainable Vaduz

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Ruth Ospelt-Niepelt, Christoph Sele, Hartmut Hübner, Marion Spirig
22.11.2023, 05.30 p.m., H2


Sustainable World: a climate for change - Liechtenstein as global laboratory for innovation

Peter Droege's cross-disciplinary course leads from the roots of sustainable development to action against climate change, from purely renewable energy supply to organic agriculture, from the circular economy to responsible finance and from the means and forms of philanthropy to regenerative infrastructure: The global seeds of change towards sustainability can be found here in Liechtenstein. In 2023, Prof Droege will again present exciting examples and leading thinkers and 'doers'. We have selected three for you as publicly invited:

Development and structure of the Vaduz sustainability strategy:
Ruth Ospelt-Niepelt, local councilor and chairwoman of the Sustainability Commission

Implementation process, general approach:
Christoph Sele, Partner 7Gen-Consulting GmbH

Subproject “Anchoring in local government”:
Hartmut Hübner, Hübner Management

Pilot project 1 Rathausplatz and possibly insight into the CAS work “Measures to reduce heat…”: Marion Spirig, Head of the Building Construction Department


Kirsten Steinhofer




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