Revitalising isolated communities: a holistic approach to sustainable transformation

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Projektart und Laufzeit

Vorstudie zur Dissertation, seit September 2023


Sustainable Design


Nachhaltiges Planen und Bauen


The proposed research seeks to examine the role of architecture in promoting sustainable development and enhancing the quality of life in underdeveloped villages, with the case study within the biosphere reserve of the Danube Delta in Romania. The objective is for them to transcend a merely academic endeavor and to be implemented as all-encompassing principles, as a holistic future conviction.
The study will investigate based on the topic of the five needs (namely resource and energy, space and mobility, food and health, demographics and integration, and values and ethics) the challenges experienced by local communities and examine innovative sustainable design strategies that balance conservation and development objectives to address these challenges. Simultaneously, it is crucial to preserve the traditions and customs of such communities, to learn from them, and to attempt to reconnect the contemporary human with nature.