Game-based Skill Assessment and Development

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Projektart und Laufzeit

FFF-Förderprojekt, September 2016 bis August 2019 (abgeschlossen)


Hilti Lehrstuhl für Business Process Management




Process Management


Considerable research in the academic discipline of Information Systems (IS) has been dedicated to the "gamification" of Information Technology (IT)-the use of game-design elements like badges and leaderboards to increase user engagement-and to serious games, that is, educational games that do not have entertainment as a primary purpose. However, only a few researchers have considered "conventional" video games in their studies. While recent studies have confirmed that being adept at video games can be an indicator of skills and abilities beyond those required for gaming, our understanding of whether and how video games can be used for skill assessment and development remains incomplete. To contribute to filling this gap, this research project seeks to identify the managerial skills and abilities that can be measured and developed with the help of video games; to understand the game mechanisms that facilitate skill assessment and development; and to develop theory on how to design video games that can support personnel selection and training.


The aim of this research project is to analyze how video games can be used for personnel assessment and training, so they may inform regional HR practices.


  • Forschungsförderungsfonds der Universität Liechtenstein


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