Process perspectives on leader traits, behaviors, and leadership situations

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Gammel, J. H., & Furtner, M. R. (2021). Process perspectives on leader traits, behaviors, and leadership situations. In J. F. Rauthmann (Ed.), Handbook of Personality Dynamics and Processes (pp. 1119-1138). Cambridge, Massachusetts, US: Academic Press.


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In this chapter, we describe and discuss contemporary trait- and process-based perspectives of leadership and shed light on leadership situations and contexts. More specifically, we summarize some important developments in the field of trait-based research on leadership—ranging from “great man” theories to complex, contemporary process models of leadership that link leader traits, behaviors, contexts, and outcomes. We try to stress the role of situations in which the leadership process takes place as the expression and functionality of leader traits and behaviors depend on the situation. Although we do not provide a comprehensive review of all underlying mechanisms of the context- and situation-dependability and within person variability in the expression of leader traits and behaviors, we highlight some important issues and developments in research. Our overall goal is (a) to give readers an insight on contemporary theories in this field and (b) to stimulate future research on leader and follower traits by illustrating gaps and opportunities in the study of leadership processes and situations. Finally, we draw conclusions and give practical advice for managerial practice.



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